I Am Inspired By The Freedom To Imagine. I Challenge Dogma. I Like To Deconstruct Existing Strategies. I Pursue Doorways To Unforeseen, Unexplored Solutions. I Like To Inspire Others.

I offer services that enable tourism destinations to future-proof themselves: to help destination leaders worldwide better understand that which travelers crave, and how to more thoughtfully develop experiences which will help to protect the futures of the very people and places visited.

Vision Setting

As a driver of imagination, innovation and creativity, I am well equipped to help your organization/company in addressing complex challenges. I have the ability to look beyond obstacles, to “see” beyond the horizon, and to reveal that which possesses hidden potential. I pioneer solutions and often look at 50-year horizons, all while helping clients deliver on short-term strategies.

In my “spare time”, I am pursuing a vision of passion: the development of and leadership in predictive modeling technologies (AI, AR, Big Data, etc.) as it relates to the future of responsible tourism (and societal) development.

Future Proofing

Along with my work in vision setting, I can provide help to energize and “engineer” your destination’s future ecosystems for impactful responsible tourism. For years, I have actively engaged in the creation/design, development, direction and coordination of innovation/future-proofing activities.

In conjunction with my exploratory efforts in predictive modeling, I am pursuing restorative eco-system strategies which will help to “future proof” communities: to breathe new life into communities globally that have been abandoned and/or where mass exoduses of local populations have left villages/areas bereft of sustainable living opportunities and where tourism is leveraged one key tool to address this issue.

Vision Setting

With decades of experience and related success stories, I am a proven catalyzer of movements to bring together individuals, groups, clusters, organizations from a diverse range (and sometimes opposing) of backgrounds to work towards a common cause and productive outcome. For the adventure tourism sector, I am available as an Adventure Travel Trade Association AdventureEDU Educator for Community Building. For clients outside of the adventure tourism industry, you may secure my services for community building, here.

Business Development

For more than two decades my direct involvement in executive strategy and in business and partnerships development, has yielded sales strategies producing an excellent track record of high revenue-generation growth. I can assist your destination and company in developing productive business development strategies, including the creation of specialized event vision, design, strategy, direction, and coordination.

Destination Design, Innovation & Development

With first-hand, professional experience in more than 80 countries, and specific project work in dozens of them, I am in the unique position to draw upon best practices from throughout the world. I am often at the formative edge of on-site reconnaissance missions which explore and recommend the best possible destination solutions to meet (the future) travelers’ interests. I have specialized experience as a tourism product/experience innovator and developer, especially as it relates to “signature routes”, cross-border strategies, and community-to-community eco-system offerings. For the adventure tourism sector, I am available as an Adventure Travel Trade Association AdventureEDU Educator as it relates to product design, innovation and development.

Market Activation

Classically trained in communications, public relations, marketing and journalism, I have extensive experience that translates effectively across industries and between sectors. Your destination or company may secure from CMD Inspired a wide array of services that can help to activate your desired markets. My contributions would center around market activation strategies, while I would engage, on my client’s behalf, progressive team members who would perform against the recommended strategies.

More importantly, I assist destinations in moving beyond “heads in beds” strategies to:

more deeply understand their potential role in nurturing and adding exceptional economic, social and environmental value to local communities;
commit to and pursue net-positive strategies; and
provide new opportunities for women, youth, indigenous and rural entrepreneurs to improve their market access and financial inclusion.

I’m pragmatic. I like to distill complex matters into simple concepts. I tend toward incremental, measurable, high-impact activities which deliver short-, mid- and long-term results. I build thoughtful “eco-systems” composed of progressive thinkers, collaborators and doers.

I am just as comfortable with heads of state and C-level executives as I am with guides and “mom and pop” guest house owners. I am recognized for catalyzing “movements”, for innovative solutions, thought leadership, and the ability to navigate easily between industries, public, private, NGO and academic sectors.

Thank you in advance for reaching out and exploring the possibility of collaborating with CMD Inspired.